Beautiful, Solid, Traditional Workbenches!

Stunning, functional and hand made in Wales!

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the availability of a range of workbenches, hand made from solid, slow grown, wonderful smelling pine and coated in Treatex Hard Wax Oil. The design is very similar to that which was given in the Working Wood, as a ‘build yourself a workbench project’, but we’ve had enquiries about buying these, ready made and ready assembled.

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Woodfest Wales – Great Woodworking Show!

Woodfest Wales this year was a great success for the organisers and thankfully, apart from a bit of murkiness on Friday, it was good weather with loads of sunshine over the weekend. From chainsaw carving, pole climbing and axe cutting championships, to stunt bike riding, bowl turning and loads of stalls, there was loads to… Read more »

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Great fun, but tiring in the 25 degree heat!

Mill your own lumber (US) or saw up your own trees (UK)

Even if you haven’t got a Wood Mizer style bandsaw, you can still mill, air dry and use your own lumber. What you will need however is a decent chainsaw, access to a reasonably powerful surface planer and a small to medium sized bandsaw.

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This log was just on this limit of my what would fit onto the table.

The Beauty of Diamonds

I heat my workshop with scrap wood, old pallets and such like, and so I’ve often got the job of cutting up old, tatty wood into the right size for the stove. I’m a keen hand tool user, but on grounds of practicality, I use a Hilti demolition saw to saw up old pallets. The… Read more »

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A triangular diamond file will cut the hardest tool steel!

New David Charlesworth DVD

Artisan Media filmed and edited the most recent David Charlesworth DVD from Lie-Nielsen which is getting strong reviews.

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The Secret Mitred Dovetail

Featured video – Fergus Wessel – stone carver

It’s been a while since Dave and I have made a short film about the artisans we meet and who inspire us. It’s very enjoyable way to get to know people and to capture the essence of what they do, and what inspires them. Each craftsman that we’ve met and filmed has let us into their world in an unique way, which results in a very personal film about each individual. I’ve enjoyed every single one.

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Tools of the trade

Black Friday Deals

For a short time only we have some special deals on Artisan woodworking books and DVDs. Save up to 25% plus free shipping (to USA desinations).

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